17 June 2011

Today 6.17.2011

Today I stayed upstairs until 12:15, not sleeping, just doing stuff.

Today I hoped to make some mail art and actually get it in the mail today.

Today I dreamed of the fun we had on our anniversary trip.

Today I forgot it was Friday! I thought yesterday was Monday so obviously today must be Tuesday. Having a Sunday through Wednesday vacation throws off the whole time thing.

Today I heard Baby Boy's voice which always makes me happy.

Today I said "What are we going to eat?"......to the cat...at lunchtime  :)
Today I read quite a few blogs.

Today I watched the Squirrel creep across the backyard, climb the crepe myrtle and hang upside down to munch on seed in the birdfeeder.
Today I believed that life is good.

Today I felt at peace.

Today I wondered which routes we would take to Antioch and back in July.

Today I bought nothing  ::::gasp::::.

Today I cleaned the studio, an ongoing project.

Today was glorious!

Inspired by Nancy over at  paper view


  1. I love this idea - seen it on a few blogs now :) (Not keen on squirrels though, especially when they steal bird food!)


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