09 June 2011

Ohhhhh my goodness it's almost the 10th!

and that means it is signup time to participate in the July Lighten Up Blog Hop. The hop is tending to be short (happy to have more join in) but man, are there some great recipes posted! We are now on day 13 of  90+  degree heat so I am thinking things that are cool and don't require heating up the house to cook. So choose a cold side dish or salad to share and email me at neusebrats{at}aol{dot}com.

*a healthy/light recipe that meets the theme requirement
* you provide the nutritional info (at the minimum serving size and calories, I know this can be a hassle but people reallly appreciate it)
*name of chosen dish must be to me by the 20th
* put a teaser on your blog a few days beforehand
*for the hop use the badge at the beginning of the post
*Blog hop goes live midnight Eastern Daylight Savings Time in the Unites States on the 30th


  1. Day 13 of 90+ degree heat!! I'd have melted by now. I can see why you're looking for salads lol

  2. It's been freezing here - I've hunted out my slipper socks again :0)
    I'll have a look this weekend and get back to you if I can get a recipe sorted.


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