26 May 2011

Scotty McCreery - An American Idol and Homeboy

Congratulations to Scotty McCreery! I'm a fan! He shares his faith,

he loves his family and friends,he stays true to who he is, he has good manners, he's from the small town of Garner that sits next to Raleigh which produces fine people (my niece, nephews and the Sweet One), he sings country and not only sings it but sings like one of my all time favorites Josh Turner. Josh surprised him on stage at Scotty's Hometown Visit concert.

Last night he sang with another of my favs, Tim McGraw (going to his concert in July, last summer had to choose between Tim and being in Saint John on vacay...Tim lost)

And this 17 year old cried when he returned for the Hometown Visit and saw his best buddies for the first time in months. 

 I am so happy for Scotty and think we will be blessed by sharing in his long career in the years to come. His first single is out today I Love You This Big.

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  1. I am assuming he won American Idol? Sorry I don't follow it, even though we can get it here:( He has a good voice though! Thanks for stopping by my blog !
    Alison xx


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