03 May 2011

the Decorah Eagles and April's Lighten Up winner


I was checking back on some blogs this morning and ran across this post about the Decorah Eagles by Valerie at Pie for Breakfast  Below is the live ustream feed. When I visited one eaglet was grooming itself as the mom watched ...then mom scanned the horizon turning and looking straight at me :)  Another of God's glorious gifts!

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

The winner of the drawing from commenters to the April Lighten Up blog hop is Ade
Ade said...

Great blog hop! I will be trying the recipes in this order:
chicken and rice
sausage and black bean soup

Ade, I will be mailing you this Pampered Chef measurement conversion magnet as soon as my order arrives.

Please send your mailing address to neusebrats{at}aol{dot}com   :)


  1. Beautiful bird! I hope someday to get to a river nearby and try to spot one!

  2. Eagles are just so amazing!

  3. What a great link! Thank-you ... I've just seen Mum brooding at night over the family.


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