28 April 2011

On Your Calendar, Explanations and Happy Mail!

Put this on your calendar! Saturday starting here you will be able to hop through six differnet blogs featuring light and healthy options for main dishes/entrees. Featured dishes are Sausage and Black Bean Soup,Baked Chicken and Rice, Mexican Lasagna, Herby pork, Crispy Cornmeal Flounder and Individual Salsa Meatloaves....yummo, join us!

Sometimes I have no problem whatsoever posting photos without text but most of the time I have at least a little something I want to say about the picture. Yesterday's My Day in Photos was a photo only assignment for a class I am taking. Well, you could use text if you overlaid in on the pics which wasn't what I needed. If you want to see any of the other projects from the assignment visit Shimelle's blog . 120 of us have participated! So here are words to go with the photos I would have naturally have added them when sharing.

This was my breakfast: light whole wheat English muffin toasted with peanut butter and sliced apple, strawberries and cheddar cheese on the side. I also had a glass of ice water.  At some point every day I eat one of those muffins in some style, cheese, fruit , a handful of raw almonds and 2 slices of Claussen's deli style hamburger chip pickles. Odd combination but I am snacking throughout the day. It must be working because the scale and tape measure are being kind to me.  Oh and that is not all I eat, just the things I consistently eat!!! 

Our irises are filled with heritage and sweet memories. The Chosen One, the Grown One and I lived with my maternal grandmother for the last 14 months of her life on the family farm. Many of our irises came from her flower bed. Even more came from my paternal great grandmother's iris bed dow n the road. There were hundreds and hundreds of bulbs and the Chosen One and I separated and thinned the bulbs for my great aunt that lived at the family home place.

Every year a bird builds her nest in the hanging basket by our side door. These are this year's babies. We also have babies in 2 actual birdhouses.

I had my teeth cleaned by the world's most awesome dental hygienist, Nancy. Nancy is the Grown One's godmother, my college roommate and my best friend throughout middle and high school. We have known each other forever and I am so blessed that she is still part of my life. I get teary when I think about all she has been through with me and am eternally grateful that she has remained my sister of the heart.

I had a Pampered Chef party. I kept seeing the perfect shot to take during the party but people were talking to me..which was way more important. I had 17 people here and online orders. I earned $265 of free product, the April hostess choice at 60% off, 4 half price items and 30% off anything else I ordered plus they pay my shipping! whoohhhooo!

My dear friend, Susan saw this large pillow at the beach and realllly wanted it but she also thought it was perfect for me.  They only had one and she chose to give it to me for my birthday, it was delivered that night. If you don't know me I love the water and the beach, it gives my soul peace. We are redoing our bedroom in a beach/sea motif. I love this pillow and Susan!

After every one left, my knees and feet were killing me. i have been watching The Biggest Loser since halfway through season one. We had DVRed it so I settle down to relax and enjoy the contestant's strength, and character and weight loss.  It was a very busy but very good day :)


My name was chosen in one of Sian's Pass the Book journeys. Sian had passed to Melissa and Melissa was passing to me the book A Homemade Life: stories and recipes from my kitchen table by Molly Wizenberg. I can't wait to start reading it. I'm not sure when but probably mid May I will be passing it on. If you are interested check back and enter your name when I post Pass the Book. You do have to have a blog to participate otherwise you wouldn't be able to keep to the spirit of Sian's book sharing. Oh and for a moment when I saw it I thought it was the Mail Art Exchange because of the pretty mailer :)
Thanks, Sian and Melissa!

Ohmygoodness, this has been a picture heavy, text heavy, link heavy post, if you have stuck with me through to this point...THANKS and HAVE A GLORIOUS DAY!


  1. So glad the book arrived safely - I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. WTG on the Pampered Chef party, how fun to get to pick out a bunch of free products!!

  2. Look forward to the HOP!! See you on Saturday :)

  3. Pictures do tell a thousand words, but sometimes actual words do help! LOL I had wondered about the cushion. Thanks for the explanations!

  4. I think you are really going to enjoy this one Beverly :)

    I love a post with lots of news in it like this

  5. Isn't it funny how, when things are explained(like the breakfast shot) it all seems so obvious! Thanks for that Beverley
    Alison xx

  6. It is so much better to use words isn't it? I did not like the wordless aspect of the post - even though I liked the concept!

    And, I noticed that many people had lovely mail to show .... I will certainly be back when you Pass The Book!


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