17 April 2011

Alphanumeric Blog Hop

I hope you are in a comfy chair with a refreshing beverage and a bite to eat as you enjoy this Alphanumeric blog hop that Mel has created. Adding to the fun of this hop is that the participants know only their letter or number. So, I have no clue what Mel's post was about but I am certain she conveyed it in a clever way. Possibly you have already figured out my letter but if not I promise you will have by the end. If you are starting the hop with me I suggest you hop back one to Mel, there is a contest with a prize involved and you will know what to be looking for at each blog if you start with Mel. At the end you will need to leave the appropriate comment at Mel's blog as well. So enough business stuff ... let's get alphanumeric!






my Boys

Brothers on the Beach


Bacon Birthday cake



All of these are photos have been previously shared on Beverly's BEglorious blog.

Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Brilliant, Beverly! I've so enjoyed my visit to your Blog :-)

  2. By gum you have bonza birthday bashes

  3. A great photo tour of your letter; I'm intrigued by the bacon birthday cake!

  4. Brilliant and I love the bacon birthday cake.
    and would you believe it I had blemb for the word verification blooming perfic

  5. Brilliant? But BACON birthday cake? .....

  6. Bacon Birthday cake, now that's a new one! Great photos Beverly!

  7. A beautiful beach and such bonny boys you have:)
    Fiona x

  8. Nice entry, however a Bacon Birthday Cake?!

  9. Ooh I need to know more about Bacon birthday cake!! Loads of beautiful pics and my verification word begis with B too!! xxx

  10. Blimey, brilliant B's :)

  11. It is amazing how many things you can think of with one letter. I am not sure if I like the idea of a bacon cake.

  12. I didn't make it to the comfy chair - I'm propped up in the bed with the laptop, an ice cold bottle of water and a granola bar to start my day with all these letters & numbers. Great photos. That bacon cake looks intriguing - I could eat a slab of bacon and a nice cake right now if only I had someone to bring it in! :>)

  13. Beautiful B's! (another one intriqued by Bacon on a Birthday cake!) x

  14. Brilliant! But Bacon Birthday Cake I'm just not to sure about.

  15. looks like all the Buzz is that Bacon Birthday cake!! since I hate Bacon, I won't request that for my birthday! my boys (I have 3) would love it though. i'm not going to tell them about it or i'm sure they will want that on their next birthday! : ) happy blog hop Sunday!

  16. Fun images capturing the letter B. But I have to say Bacon Birthday Cake? Ewww :)

  17. Brilliant B-ing! I remember the Bacon Birthday Cake for the Boy :).

  18. I'm fascinated by the bacon birthday cake :)

  19. Hope you have fun doing the blog-hop. Will be looking forward to the obviously much needed post about bacon birthday cakes.

  20. The bacon cake looks delicious!

  21. beverly what a great post. Loved some of your photos

  22. I love bacon, but alas, it does NOT go with birthday cake. I tried chocolate covered bacon once. yuck.

  23. Bacon Birthday Cake sounds like my kind of treat!

    A brilliant Bonding of B's Bev!

  24. Not sure I fancy a Bacon Birthday cake - But you look as though your haev 3 lovely Boys.

  25. This is so cute! I loved learning a bit about your life through the letter B! :)

  26. Some great 'b's there....not sure about the cake though!!

  27. You must do a post about the Bacon Birthday cake! Brilliant Blogpost!
    Alison xx

  28. Blooming Brilliant!! Must have a Bash at Bacon Birthday cake!!!! Best wishes Sandi :)

    How apt!! My security word starts with a B!!!

  29. Bev you have some beautiful boys in your life including the octogenarian!! Loved all your gorgeous photos too & I am also looking forward to the post about the bacon cake :)

  30. Oh I love the bacon cake, what a great idea. ~C~

  31. Blooming Brilliant Blog Bumph!

  32. Fab Blog! Bacon cake...wow! my son would be in heaven!!! :)

  33. Beverly, I still can't get over that Bacon Birthday Cake! Excellent post :-)

  34. A bacon birthday cake, that's a new one! Thanks for sharing all the fun photos!

  35. I was thinking . . . what a nice family and then started LOL at the bacon cake! Thanks for sharing,

  36. Great post, and I was enjoying your photos up until the bacon cake!! LOL

  37. Great photos - esp like the brothers on a beach one.

  38. Clever you! This is a really cute post, Beverly! :o) xo

  39. Well, that's what I get for not checking my login this morning. I was out of town all weekend and Carrie was over, using my computer and left herself logged into blogger. That last comment is from me...not Carrie. :o)

  40. Great post and photos - not at all sure about Bacon cake though lol

  41. Finally catching up on the bloghop. Greatpost.I can identify with my boys as I have three grown up too! Love that bacon cake too :-)


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