13 December 2010

No this isn't a today picture!

 I AM COLD! This photo is from last winter but we did get a dusting last night. It is far too cold for my taste! I know it is much, much, much colder where many of you live but I was born in the South, I live in the South, my blood is thinner because of the great heat and humidity of the South....I reallly don't like cold or winter (have I mentioned that before? LOL) I keep interjecting in conversations about the cold (yes, we can be like the Brits and chat about the weather : > ) that we have it so much better than the vast majority of humankind and that it isn't THAT cold but really it is cold and I am so done with it, bring on spring! I try to convince others that December being this cold insures a warmer than usual January and February but no one will support my theory not even the local meteorologist.  We are headed to Washington, DC to watch our ECU Pirates play in the Military Bowl, I TRY to convince everyone going that we will experience unseasonably warm weather on game day in the nation's capital but yet again no one will help move my fantasy along. I do soooo hope that when I post photos after we return you won't see us bundled and shivering but looking like we are enjoying an October game day. How's your weather? Some of you are in the midst of summer! Is your part of the world having normal weather for December or unseasonable temps? Are you loving the weather outside your door when you have to be in it and not just look at it through the window?


  1. It's wet in the Pacific NW. Very wet. We've already had 9" of snow here at Thanksgiving. Hoping for NO more. I don't like the cold nor the darkness of this time of the year either. Am so grateful for a warm house and a roof over my head, though! So ready for spring and then SUMMER!!!

  2. The sun is shining and we're expecting 80 degrees for a high today in Chandler, Arizona. Some people are complaining about it - it doesn't feel like Christmas if it's not cold - but I love the weather here! :o)

  3. We're pretty darn cold in the UK right now! Brrr!!


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