25 October 2010

Ohmygoodness Look What I Found!

Did I eat these last fall?  I don't remember them, I remember the candy corn ones (which I didn't love but I don't like candy corn) but I adore caramel apples so you would think I would remember these @@  Not even in June do I forget the Candy Cane Kisses. I have to buy multiple bags during the Christmas season so I can have them once they have disappeared. So having forgotten about these, if I did have them, I popped one (yes, just one) in my mouth and Ohhhhh Yummo Rachel Ray it was good! I bought a ton of candy today, a lot for care packages to some special college kids and then some nicer sweets for some friends. I may have to buy another bag of the Caramel Apple Kisses if I still plan on giving some away! Soon I shall tempt you with my real caramel apples, they are to die for!!!! Are you a fan of them?  And how on earth can Baby Boy realllly not like caramel???!!!


  1. I've never tried them! They sound delicious though :-) And I admire your restraint at only eating one, wow...

  2. I haven't heard of them either and I too wouldn't be able to eat just one. I thought I saw someone mention on FB that they had a pumpkin spice hershey kiss. I'll have to go in search of those as well!

  3. I need one kiss, please!
    Does Hershey sale a bag with mixed kisses? Don't need whole bag of one kind, just want to try one of each! Oh...and M might like one kiss too.....J likes kisses... "Give a mouse a cookie and ..." lol

  4. Thanks Beverly. Liked both Caramel Apple & Candy Corn kisses. Thought I would have one favorite, but didn't. They are different and equally good. Eat too many Caramel Apples at one time & you might regret it. Thanks for making my week!!


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