25 September 2010

F(B)unny has a Mysterious Visitor!

F(B)unny, who arrived last week (see blogpost below), has been quietly leading a happy life in the front yard near the tire swing. This morning I went down to get the newspaper and as I was walking down the driveway I noticed that F(B)unny was laying on his side, much the same he was when he first arrived.  Hmmmm I thought, will this be a weekly game in which bored middle school boys leave me a gift then return on weekly basis to move it?  The plan was to sit F(B)unny upright as I walked back up to the house but as I walked up I notice a NEW GIFT!  Sitting on the bench was something pink. Now I have 51 year old eyes and even with my glasses on I can't make a small object out at that distance BUT it looked like.......a pink tiara!!! I started laughing and walked over to F(B)unny to tell him good morning and help him sit back up in a more natural and dignified rabbit manner. This brought me close to the tiara but noooo it was not a pretty pink tiara it was............

a sippy cup!
Now, I'm not sure but I really don"t think a middle school boy had his pink sippy cup with him as he hung out with his buddies on a neighborhood walk.  Perchance is there a small princess that comes at night to swing in our tire?  Will she cry for her favorite sippy cup this morning at breakfast?  And if this is our mysterious visitor isn't it odd that she previously left a plastic rabbit and not a stuffed one?


  1. Joyce Boyles9/25/10, 9:08 AM

    Hey, Beverly...the two events could be totally un-related. The mystery continues! I'm lovin' it!

  2. The mystery does continue! This is quite entertaining!

  3. My curiosity is piqued! I wonder where the bunny came from?


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