08 July 2010

Be Careful What You Hunger For :)

Ashley, my oldest sweet girl, was diagnosed with  CeliacDisease a year ago so she lives a gluten free lifestyle. For those unfamiliar with gluten this means she can have NOTHING with wheat in it. Start reading your food labels, we are talking about a great deal of the food we consume without thinking twice about it. Even a microgram of gluten can create havoc in her body. I am so very proud of the attitude she has embraced this lifestyle with. We have an "Ashley" shelf in the cabinet and an "Ashley" bin in the freezer and there are tons of recipes out there but I can't imagine never having some of the foods that now are poison to her body. Everything I buy or cook specifically for Ashley receives positive feedback. She's kind because I know it's not all good. Christopher (my oldest, her bf) and I have taste tested some of it before and even more so appreciate her positive outlook! Don't get me wrong some of the store packaged stuff is ummm okay but it's different.

Yesterday I was on Facebook and saw where Ashley had posted that she had a "sudden craving for Bojangles.  What is a GF (gluten free) girl to do? "   Luckily she was coming to our house for dinner :)  I bought seasoned fries from the grocery store, not exactly Bojo's but they had to do (most fries are GF using rice flour instead of wheat flour). I cut three boneless, skinless chicken breasts into strips for the attempt at Bojo's chicken. After dipping them in an egg/ TexasPete (which did you know? is a NC product), I dredged them in a mixture of rice flour, corn meal, cayenne pepper, paprika, salt and black pepper. Next they were fried up in a sizzling pan of vegetable oil...Voila - Fauxjangles. Enough Fauxjangles for her dinner and 3 more meals :)

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  1. I worked with a guy who was gf, everytime we had cake in the office we would make sure someone bought him a bag of haribo so he wasn't left out. I did make gf cakes for him once, they looked awful but he told me they were nice.


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