05 November 2009

Happy Birthday, Debra

Today is my oldest sister's birthday! I am the third of four girls and no, my Daddy was never hoping for a boy! My mama had three older brothers, the oldest were fraternal twins that were mischievous and into something all the time, she never wanted boys. Their first grandchild was a girl, the first and last girl, the following four were boys and we are all finished with the grandbaby producing part of our lives. I am so incredibly blessed by the family I have been surrounded by from the moment I took my first breathe. Happy birthday dear Debra, I can't imagine my world without you! (photo - Debra with her daughter in law, Elizabeth)


  1. happy birthday to your sister! (:

  2. Awww how lovely!! I am one of 4, not a sister in sight *sob* Happy Birthday to your sister and that is a lovely photograph :-)

  3. What a lovely photo....hope your sister had a great birthday.Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.


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