01 December 2012

Okay it's December!!!

December 1st kicks off the Christmas season for me. I know many people are already decorated, some have a family tradition of decorating Thanksgiving night but not me. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I love Christmas and all it encompasses but Thanksgiving carries all the pureness. love and gratitude of Christmas to me. So the calendar has turned and I actually think I may be back in blogging mode..we'll see ;)

Since it's Saturday I'm going to share some red and green with you. 

Cute list

White Chocolate Peppermint M & M Cookies.
Just discovered the white chocolate peppermint M&Ms yesterday at Target. This is perfect for a certain Mountaineer college girl I am sending an exam care package to Monday.

186 Neighbor Christmas Gift Ideas - great ideas for just about everyone.

Christmas Sangria
Might I have found what I'll serve at our Christmas Open House?!

Hope your December is glorious!


  1. Love your colour combination for the start of the season of goodwill - and that recipe looks like I might have to tyr it! Sounds LUSH!!

  2. This blog post is definitely very festive! Love the look of those cookies, and how good does the sangria look?

  3. yes, it's December ... let the fun begin! i think we're coming to that Open House Party of yours. living joyously .....

  4. I'm hoping to decorate tomorrow.

  5. Oh those cookies look impressive.


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