21 April 2012

Sharing on Saturdays

Thank you, Dick Clark.

Count dad's arms!


clock faces for old CDs

Have a glorious Saturday!  The pirate is home!  The Beast and Sweet Girl both have the weekend off! whhoohhooo! I'm excited :) Yesterday was my birthday but I had a church commitment so I cooked dinner then The Pirate, the Chosen One and I headed downtown at 10:30pm!!!!! (more on that next week)  Today I get to enjoy all of them and tomorrow they are all going to church with me. I am very blessed!


  1. Happy Birthday xx
    Enjoy the weekend.
    The armed guy has been hitting facebook over here all week :0)

  2. I've had great fun showed the 3 armed guy to my family and seeing how long it takes for the penny to drop! Not seen him on FB myself.

  3. Have a great weekend Beverly..glad the family have arrived!
    Alison xx

  4. Happy Belated Birthday - so glad all the family is home with you - enjoy!

  5. I tried the baked eggs thing. They are harder to peel cooked that way IMO


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