19 April 2012

Affirmation Boxes

This past weekend forty women from our church ranging in ages from the  mid 20s to late 70s traveled an hour and a half from home to learn more about Loving Well. Loving Well is a Bible study by Beth Moore that is created for retreats. We had 4 video sessions with Beth teaching, small group discussions, skits, exercise, crafts and affirmations.  I was responsible for the crafts and affirmations. Knowing that I would have a good number of women that would proclaim "I'm not crafty AT ALL!" I went for the easiest thing possible and I walked and talked them through making cute post it note holders. 

Teacher post it notes!

On the second day I had an Affirmation box for each woman. Everyone in your small group was to write an unsigned personal affirmation about you  and place it in your box some time during the day. We could also write affirmations for other women at the retreat if we had the time.  These affirmations are for us to pull out and read in those moments that we question our selves ....am I lovable, am I worthy, am I capable? Many times we don't see in ourselves the qualities and strengths that others value and appreciate.  Reading just one note can help change your perspective that day. I have been a part of an affirmation project with my sisterhood and it continues to bless me. Patience, Jamie, Gloria and Kellie, thank you for your sweet words of love, affirmation and encouragement.  Now I am being blessed by Thelma, Pam, Carol, Meredith, Jenna , Ann and a few others' words of affirmation.

A few of you commented on Wordless Wednesday about the boxes (they did turn out super cute, didn' they? ;> )  I bought the small jewelry gift boxes from Michael's (.89 each) and used my stash at home for the rest. I put strips of patterned paper and their names through the Xyron then added  coordinating flowers and buttons. It really wasn't labor intensive but I made 4o so it took a bit of time and since I am a procrastinator by nature I did them in my lodge room on Friday night after our evening wrapped up...ummm yep, lights out 1:30 am. You'd think I'd learn @@

You know someone that could use building up, someone that  an affirmation would lift up. I challenge you to send that person a note this weekend.  It'll do wonders for them and for you. Will you rise to the challenge?!


  1. Yes! I will do that. I loved reading this post, Beverly! Those boxes were super cute and knowing what they were used for makes them even better!

  2. I was hoping you would post about the Affirmation Boxes. I had seen a couple of pictures and post about them and wondered how you used them at the retreat. What a neat idea and cute box to save those special messages in. Your creativity is truely a special gift that helps make others feel so special too.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE both the crafts! Looks like a wonderful weekend. Thanks for being a constant source of affirmation in my life! :)

  4. Both of these crafts are wonderful! I believe we all could use more affirmations in our life. Thanks for reminding me to send some out...

    You are Wonderful!

  5. A great post. An excellent idea. I'll do it :)

  6. You did a wonderful job! I'm using my post-it holder at work and love it! Special reminder at work of the wonderful weekend at The Summit! Thank you!

  7. It sounds like a wonderful retreat. I need to check it out for our next one.

  8. What a wonderful use for the boxes...I will be sending out affirmations this weekend!
    Alison xx


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