31 July 2011

Blogoversary Celebration - Day 2

Did you miss out on the cake yesterday?
Obviously a few of you got a slice because it is gone! And how cool is it that I got a comment from the Pink Cake Box!!?
If you didn't get any I promise to provide more sweet treats during the week :)
 Today's birthday giveaway goodie is this Cupcake journal with 100 ruled sheets of paper!


Cute, isn't it? For a chance to win it leave a comment and if you are not positive I have a way to email you, be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you are the winner!
All unclaimed goodies will be given away to others on Sunday.
Giveaway reminders for the blogoversary celebration:
There will be daily giveaways drawn from the previous day's commenters. Sunday morning I will draw for three bigger prizes, every comment you leave during the week will earn you a ticket in the drawing so visit daily, coment often. If you mention the celebartion on your blog and provide a link for your readers you get 5 additional tickets. If you lead a friend, family member, blog reader here and they mention your name in their comment you earn 2 more tickets...that one helps those of you that don't have blogs ;) Comment on my FB blog posting and earn 2 tickets, helpful for those of you that don't want to sign up for a google account. Become a follower and earn 2 tickets. Already a follower? Once you leave your first comment of the week you earn 3 extra tickets. If you are a subscriber mention it in your comment for extra tickets. So many chances to be a winner!
It's been awhile so I'll leave you with a Sunday Song of Praise -

Brandon Heath ~ Wait and See


  1. I'm not surprised all the cake went....it looked delicious.

  2. Happy blogoversary - am just trying to catch up so will have to see what the cake looked like - have fun x

  3. I'm a little behind in my blog reading - So happy belated blogoversary!!! I'm sure you had a sweet time with that beautiful cake.

  4. Wish I'd had some of that cake! I'm enjoying your Sunday Songs of Praise! Hope your blogiversary week is fabulous! :>)


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