25 June 2011

Sharing on Saturday

Yet another attempt at consistency, rhyme and reason, being predictable but as always with the disclaimer that I am an inconsistent kinda blogger gal. Thinking on Saturdays I will share with you things I think are cool that you may think are cool.

 1. a free printable party bunting with cupcake toppers from Creature Comfort

2. Martha Stewart freezer tag labels (free download)

3. Just Something I Made free french postal cancellation marks (are you looking mail art exchangers? :)  )

4. Fabric patriotic pennant banner from All You

5. Photos from my week

Baby Sister turns 50, met her at a restaurant halfway between our homes. I surprised her by bringing our parents and another sister with me.  She has been partied and fed to death this week.

My niece turned 31. After going out to eat we came back to the house to play. After she left the Chosen One laughed, when I asked why he said "you know the two of you have been doing that since she was 2." (painting our nails) I also gave her makeup that was so wrong for me but very right for her and introduced her to Pinterest.

Today I will pick the first tomatoes off the vine and have my first homegrown tomato sandwich of the summer. Many more to come, I get to the point that that is what I eat for breakfast and lunch every day. Yummy and deserving of it's own post one day!

Hydrangea bloom this morning with the sun hitting it from the side. The hydrangea is from the Chosen One's grandmother's yard. Our backyard has flowers from her, his Moma, my Grandma Shack, my great grandmother and my Mama. Oh and from some of our aunts.

My sweet, sweet Pearl taking an afternoon nap. She kept totally tucking her head under that day but every time I moved to get a pic she would stir. Her "bed" is made from corrugated cardboard which is for scratching thus the mess around her.


  1. Great post - I love the spotty nails and my daughter would love them too - she is currently into a very strange crackle glaze. I'm not so sure - must be getting old :0)
    Enjoy x

  2. What a great post Beverley....love the banners..am off to check them out!
    Alison xx

  3. I'm looking,Beverley....and love the French postal marks....the banners are pretty cute as well...thanks for sharing.
    It's going to be awhile til our tomatoes are ready....but I did pick our first courgette today.

  4. Great post. I love the postage stamps and the bunting. Those nails are wonderful and I'm intrigued about eating so many tomatoes. Mine are struggling a little this year so its going to be a while I think before I can try out a tomato sandwich - hmmm, I suppose I could buy some lol.


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