07 October 2010

Rug Matching Pot

The friend that commissioned me to paint a rug for her was beyond patient and generous with me. Ends up we are both a bit stubborn...I wanted her to pay me less, she wanted to pay me more, neither would budge!  She thinks she is winning by having my darling hubby and me over for an evening of delicious food and great company tonight. Brahahahaha no, I win!!! I get the lovely evening in her home and I have painted her a pot to match her rug.  She cannot refuse, for it is simply a hostess gift, hmmmmmmhummm just a little pot instead of a bottle of wine. Before the dinner invitations start pouring in, this will not become my new standard hostess gift!

Cute packages of cocktail napkins and dip spreaders seem to be a go to hostess gift around here.  What do you take to someone's home? Any creative ideas out there?  Oh bonus! these ideas can also be for those small gifts you give at Christmas.


  1. You are too clever ;-)

  2. Your painted rug is beautiful. Just yesterday we started hooking a wool rug for our living room - a bit of a blast from the past as hooking is making a comeback here

  3. What a clever thing to have done - and so thoughtful! Your rug is wonderfully eye-catching. :)

  4. The rug is so bold and cool, it looks really fab. And the pot to go with it is very cool too! xx

  5. Clever and sneaky!

    We nearly always take wine and chocolates - shows a certain lack of imagination, but we know they'll be appreciated!


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