06 April 2010

hmmmmm waiting on being Glorious!

Maybe my expectations were too high but I honestly thought I would be feeling like someone with perfect knees by now.  Ends up that is not going to happen :(    I know you can't cure arthritis but I really didn't think I would be waking at night from disconfort and dealing with some pain during the day at this point. Don't get me wrong, I have come a long way from those final weeks of 24/7 bigtime pain, I just wanted more. On an interesting note, Mama mentioned my "low tolerance for pain". I'm not sure who has been living my life for me the last 6 months but I am really grateful that they pushed through the pain and continued to teach, volunteer, do the mama thing , etc!  Okay yes, the comment irritated me immensely, if you can't tell. So I am doing the one exercise I have been assigned, started back water walking for an hour yesterday and have a session with a PT tmw to learn some more exercises.  I have big plans for these knees so here's hoping and praying for continued improvement :)

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