14 March 2010

Soon to be Glorious again!!

My usual response when asked how I am is "Glorious" but I hate to lie so it got to the point over the past few months that I haven't said it, I have fallen to a lesser "fabulous". Tomorrow morning I go in for outpatient surgery on both my knees. Both have torn meniscus and severe arthritis and I have been in considerable "discomfort" since mid November. I am so happy that tomorrow will bring relief..okay not immediate but in the very near future :) I have borrowed a recliner, I have crutches, a walker, even a potty chair lol ( thinking this might end up being the most treasured thing) and the pain meds are sitting in the cabinet waiting. I cooked up a bunch of main dishes so the guys should have no problem putting good meals on the table but they are thrilled a few friends will be dropping off food.  I am confident all will go beautifully but would appreciate any and all prayers and good thoughts for the recovery to be swift! Looking forward to answering with great joy  "GLORIOUS!"

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  1. Ouch! Sending good thoughts of speedy recovery your way! I hope you have lots of movies, books, entertainment stored up to ease your recovery.


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