13 November 2009

The Sweet Smell of.......

I am sitting here (once again bright and early before heading off to teach....amazing, I know!) smelling coffee brew for my oldest son.  He loves deep, dark, strong coffee...he's a hardcore kinda guy.  I like coffee but if it only tasted as glorious as it smells I would be an addict. So that has me thinking of things I love the smell of...newly mown grass, the streets after a summer rain, fresh oranges, scuppernongs, and the ocean are a few. I do not, not, not love the smell of stinky boys (or men for that matter) but I'm sure when I am very old it will be a sweet smell of nostalgia for me. So, what smells do you love?


  1. Smells are so evocative,aren't they.....I love the smell of coffee....newly cut grass transports me to summer.....steam trains take me back to childhood......baking to happy family times.....I could probably go on and on!!!

  2. Don't you love how a certain smell can bring back memories?! I love a lot of the same smells, plus baking, Christmas trees, my Grandmother's lily of the valley perfume...

  3. Like you and scrappyjacky newly mown grass and that fresh smell after summer rain. But for me it also has to be Cherry tobacco from a pipe. I'm not a smoker and generally put myself as far from smokers as possible BUT when a pipe smoker first lights their pipe and you get that first whiff of Cherry tobacco, I love it. My grandad used to smoke Cherry in his pipe and the smell just reminds me of him. Sitting on our porch on a farm in South Africa with me on his knee. The dogs at our feet and the cows gently lowing at the dairy for milking time. Ahhhh.... Unfortunately after that first whiff tho' I have to go stand on the opposite side of the room!!

  4. I love the smell of coffee and bacon in the morning. And bread baking

  5. The sense of smell has the power to transport you back in time doesn't it! I love how Autum smells & it takes me back to the first day of school in September!!

    In my male dominated household I have to put up with all sorts of undesirable odours!!! But wouldn't be without them for the world!!

    Can I ask...what are Scuppermongs?!!

  6. I love the smell of the room scenters that we can only get around this time of the year, Mulled Wine and Christmas Spice.
    I love the smell of Christmas Pudding cooking
    Of a roast dinner when I come in from church
    Old spice aftershave takes me back to my honeymoon.

  7. Wow! I'm so going to have to have to google "scuppernongs" after I write this, because my imagination is running wild on what they might be! And I love drinking coffee as much as smelling it, day or night, and if I don't drink enough before bedtime, I have to drink some to sleep.

  8. There are three smells that I absolutely adore: vanilla, cinnamon, and lemon. I actually has some cologne that smelled like vanilla and a room scenter in cinnamon. Of lemon comes in lots of wood cleaners and the old Jean Nate colognes. Loved them for summer.


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