28 October 2009

Deep Breathe

I am simply overwhelmed right now.  My to do list is really long and the time I have to complete it all is very short. I am not fun to live with when I am in this situation  :(  poor guys!  On my way through the neighborhood I saw this tree...gorgeous. I actually did the right thing..I did a u turn, went back past it, did another u turn so I was at the right angle then stopped and appreciated its beauty, took a picture and a deep breathe and said a praise for the unexpected but much needed glorious gift :)


  1. Beverly that tree is truly magnificent!
    I'm having a busy day as well today but I'm going to make time to have a look at your beautiful notepads -

  2. Gorgeous tree! Thanks for reminding us to pause and breathe!

  3. Well done on taking time to stop & appreciate! I too am not good under pressure...I really empathise with the need to keep 'on top' of things...but it can be so easy to become immune to the world around us...it does the soul good to keep things in perspective!

  4. lovely pic - see you in shimelles class :)


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