27 October 2009

acckkkk ... Babies don't wait!

I have accepted a month long substitute position for a 5th grade teacher that is expecting his first child. His wife is a 3rd grade teacher at the same school but I didn't want to commit up through the holidays. Anywho, the principal and I talked late yesterday and the tentative start date was Nov.9...perfect for my schedule. BUT babies don't care about schedules and babies don't wait and this baby has decided to come today! They have someone to cover the class this week but I will be starting next Monday. I have already let the principal know that there are a few days I can't go in but other than that I will be spending my Monday through Fridays with fifth graders (which I love). Today I am going to do a detailed calendar for the rest of 2009 so I don't get stressed, which yes, on occasion I do. Hoping you have a simply glorious Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for dropping by....so you're not a chocolate lover then?!! What IS your weakness?!!:)

    Sorry to have caused the itch!..DS did get a haircut last night...will be including before & after pics in my next posting!!

    Enjoy your new post & I look forward to reading all your anecdotes, as I'm sure there'll be a few & now I'm off to visit your store!!

    TTFN Sandi xox

  2. oh, Sandi...my weakness is salt...chips, nuts, dips, pizza, pretty much all real food LOL. Thanks for visitng the store, it's getting a facelift very soon..not sure when since I am going on a girls weekend Friday then come back to a month long sub position.


YOU ROCK! Seriously, I love getting comments, so know that you have put a bit of added sunshine in my day. Thanks so much and I hope your day is glorious!