29 December 2008

Christmas Dinner

On the 23rd we had the boys and their girlfriends join us for an afternoon of baking. Afterwards we all cleaned up and enjoyed a formal dinner. The first photo is of our 16yo, Nicholas and his girlfriend, Ali. Our 20yo, Christopher and his girlfriend, Ashley are in the second photo. We are so blessed for both of the boys to be in relationships with sweet, smart, fun young women that have a strong sense of family.


  1. What wonderful memories you have created here! Beuatiful photos!

  2. I just need to ask why Christopher looks so grown up?! Where is that skinny, strawberry hogging kid I met?! They are amazing kids Beverly! Glad you had a fun evening!

  3. ahhh Gloria, the years do pass LOL can't believe he'll be 21 in March but don't be too concerned he'll probably still hog the strawberries LOL


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