31 October 2008

Impending Birth of an Online Store

Ten days! Ten days?? Ohmy gosh that is not long!!!!!! On Monday, November 10th BEglorious will debut as an online store! My brain is somewhat overloaded and my nerves are a bit rattled. In the middle of the night Thursday I panicked that I had spent $$$ on the wrong program. My stomach was all in knots until I got tech support proclaiming "I have screwed up!!" and dear, patient Jason soothing me with the words.."noooo, you'll be fine". So yesterday was spent designing the store. This weekend I need to do the photography for the catalog and write the item descriptions. The goal is to have the store just sitting, waiting for me to plug in prices Sunday night 11/9 so I can click on the "publish" button. Now when you go to beglorious.com it at least tells you something is coming, before there was nothing. I'm meeting with a counselor at SCORE this coming week to make sure I have all the legal points covered. It seems like all I do is spend money but I am expecting a check in the mail today from Wake County schools for an order I did for North Ridge...that's going to be scanned before cashing :) I am really ready for this baby to be delivered so that I am not so focused on the technical and legal aspects of small business and can get back to the joy of creating. Ten days??? Ten days!!! :)

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  1. I can't wait to see the store! All my prayers are with you my sister!!!


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