25 August 2008

School Supplies

Today is a bit odd ....it's the first day of school here and the only school supplies I purchased other than notebook paper were for homeless children. Nicholas, my high school junior seemed well stocked. For the first time in quite a few years I am not standing at the bus loop to welcome bright faced elementary students to a new year. It is a bit bittersweet (I'm sure I will recover) I'll be on the sub list at four elementary schools, all places I have worked before.

I love new supplies, I love freshly sharpened new pencils, blank notebooks and uncluttered desks. Today will make me smile ....I have 4500 sheets of paper being delivered to my doorstep today...that's nine reams in fresh, beautiful colors :) I have other deliveries coming this week but somehow chipboard doesn't excite me as much as paper @@

Since my last post I have spent some time with Patty and feel more confident and even more excited than before. Things I could have made incredibly difficult, she simplified for me. I'm not looking forward to the legal end of setting up BE glorious but I will definitely be educated about it by the end of autumn.

I am going to go rake pine straw then head up to my studio (that sounds odd) to do some work but ...... I'll sharpen some pencils first ;) Have a glorious day!

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  1. Oh I love school supplies too, and we did not need very many this year either. I think I overstock! LOL

    I linked your blog to my blog. Hope that's ok!


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