07 August 2008

It's becoming more real!

I've actually made progress this week. I have talked to my mentor (Patty in SC) about taxes, advertising, printers, vendors, etc. Having her experience is definitely a blessing. It was tax free weekend in NC this past weekend so we bought the computer, monitor and 2 printers I will need. I have also found some other computer toys I think will be absolutely necessary for my success ;) but haven't shared that with Stephen yet. Wake Tech offers free small business seminars and guidance throughout the year so I am plugging into those. I asked Stephen to attend some with me, he looked puzzled until I explained I wanted him at the ones that deal with taxes and that kind of stuff. He's the analytical, numbers guy, I am the creative, language part of the team. cute line for the day...Patty recently had her first international order. Her husband asked her to do a few things, exasperated (and playfully) she responded "I am the CEO of an international corporation! I do not have time for those kinds of things" Check her out at pjhdesigns.com :)

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