03 March 2013

hello monday

hello monday
hello to a visit with the SpecialSister
hello to a trip to PirateTown
hello to dinner with the Pirate for the 4th day in a row J
hello to watching one of my homegrown Pirates as the lead in the university musical
hello to spending the night with my parents and in my childhood bed
hello to waking at 4:45am Wednesday
hello to another surgery for the Beast at 7:30 that day
hello to starting a new craft at church
hello to dinner with my 2 very good friends and prayer warriors
hello to organizing the 2nd fundraising auction for Quinn and his parents
hello to the Beast turning 25 on Sunday
A very full and for the most part, glorious week, what will you be saying hello to?


  1. Best of luck for that surgery..I'm sure he;ll be glad when it's over with!

  2. Wow - it does sound like a busy and fun week - ENJOY!


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