10 March 2013

Good Morning an hour early...

Yep, we lost an hour and I know so many people will bemoan the loss but I don't. I love daylight savings time, I love it staying light much later, I love that it means warmer weather and spring and summer are approaching. As I may have mentioned once or twice...okay, okay, a lot, I am not a winter person. I am excited that it is almost done.

Today is also the Beast 25th birthday!
the Beast and Mama 
Little Gasparilla March,2013

It’s going to be a pretty glorious year for him. He’s getting married to SweetGirl in June and will graduate with his Bachelors degree in Accounting in December. We’re also looking forward to the end of his recovery from the accident with good final results.

Today also is the start of the Bertana Spring Auction, I'd love for you to pop over and have a look or just click on the tab at the top of the blog to see some of the items.

I'll leave you with my Sunday Song of Praise

hope yours is glorious!


  1. I read this and had a sudden panic that I should have put our clocks forward too. We've got 3 more weeks yet! What a lovely shot of you and The Beast :o)

    1. lol sorry for the scare, I am so ready for longer sun filled afternoons :)

  2. Happy birthday to your Beast! I had a moment like Fiona's lol - but not yet for us :) In fact, ours is Easter Sunday this year - can't remember that ever being the case before!

    1. I can't imagine doing it Easter Sunday. Losing an hour when we get up super early for sunrise services doesn't sound appealing. Ours probably used to be in line with yours. Maybe 5 years ago Congress extended starting several weeks earlier and ending several weeks later. Not all states observe it which is very weird to me.

  3. Yes, it's a lovely picture and I hope he has a great day and can look forward to a pain free year ahead

  4. Hope your Beast is having a glorious day...so much for you all to look forward to..loved the very uplifting Song of Praise!
    Alison xx

  5. What a super photo of you both and any congratulations to him for all the things which are coming his way. Hoping for robust health and pain free days for him.


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