07 March 2013

Exceeded Expectations!

Exceeded expectations! That is the outcome of the Beast’s surgery yesterday! After 2 surgeries and 7 months of physical therapy the Beast was able to rotate his wrist 10 degrees. He also had a pain that ran up through mid-palm into his finger. After consulting his original surgeon and a surgeon at Duke it was decided that the plate on the bottom side of his wrist should be removed. The tendons were dragging over it and would eventually become frayed and in a few years he might require a tendon replacement. The bone had healed well and the plate wasn’t necessary. Both surgeons projected an optimum improvement to 25-30 degrees. Dr J always takes pictures on his cell phone to show you when he comes to talk to you in the waiting room. The surgery went very well, in fact it exceeded expectations! My jaw probably literally dropped when he showed me the picture where he had manually rotated the Beast’s wrist. He did it with no force as he didn’t want to compromise the stability (we’ve already been down that road). He gently was able to get a rotation of between 50 and 60 degrees!!I don’t think you can understand how gloriously amazing that operating room photo looked to me. It was so much more than we had hoped for. It was a relatively simple outpatient surgery. 24 hours post op he is already sitting in physical therapy and goes again tomorrow. Movement of the wrist over the next week is vital to him eventually having that rotation naturally. I am so thankful for the prayers and love that have been with him and us the last 7 months and I am thankful for Dr J whom I will admit the Chosen One and I had begun to question.
I am thankful for “exceeding expectations”!


  1. So pleased to hear this,Beverly....great news.

  2. I got an update from the Chosen one last night at church! So glad to hear all went well!

  3. What wonderful news and your pleasure and relief shine through!

  4. That is fantastic news!


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