23 February 2013

Sharing on Saturdays

Six Sisters' Stuff: Peanut Butter Butterfinger Cookies {with Truvia® Baking Blend}

Excellent article for choosing watercolor pencils-- -essential 15 for journaling.
Well, this didn't source back to the article on 15 tips to
 choose the right watercolor but I thought you'd enjoy the journaling.
Hoping to find the actual article and will share.

doily under clear plates.

Washi tape on party cups

Snacks For Before & After Your Workout.

DIY: organize craft paint on the outside of a cabinet door

It is once again cold and rainy here. Got in a great workout, went grocery shopping, now I have a chicken roasted and am starting a new soup recipe. What have you found to do today?


  1. We have a friend who sends us "butterfingers" because we can't get them here. I'm not sure they could get any better than they already are..and yet this picture makes these cookies look delicious

  2. It's been a cleaning day for me......stopping every now and then to drink coffee and check a few blogs, of course ;)
    Alison xx

  3. I wonder if those paint racks would work for nail polish.

    1. Stacey, maybe but I have seen other racks that worked better. Are you on Pinterest? I have one on one of my boards that is exactly like a rack I have.

  4. Those cookies look so yummy!

  5. Mmm, off to check that fitssugar site :). Thank-you! Hoping you have a good week ahead - here, it's just busy, busy, busy ...

  6. I spent Saturday cropping with friends!

  7. Nice links Bev. I worked and worked and worked on very dull essays! ah well, nearly there! x


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