18 February 2013

hello monday

hello monday

hello to 2 dear friends receiving their heart’s desire this afternoon
hello President’s Day
hello to the first full week in a while not working outside the home
      hopefully meaning
hello to productivity in the studio and uploads to the etsy shop
hello to dinner with childhood/lifetime friends and our husbands
hello to Melissa guest posting on Tuesday
hello to feeding college students dinner

This is going to be a glorious week, what will you be saying hello to?


  1. Sounds fantastic! I hope you have lots of good times and lots of creative time!

  2. I'm saying Hello to teaching, my first parent teacher fellowship, a book club meeting, and hopefully some more scrappy time!

    I hope that first items is talking about that lovely couple who were waiting for a baby??

  3. Hello to you on this glorious morning! Huge, giant group hugs to our special friends and their "third wheel"!

  4. Hello to a new day
    Hello to new friends
    Hello new experiences
    Hello to you!

  5. Hello Beverly, Good things to be grateful for. All the best with the guest post

  6. Hello Beverly...am late catching up this week...such great news about your friends!
    Alison xx


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