21 January 2013

hello monday.....

hello monday

hello ....to lunch with BabySister when she passes through on her way home to the west

hello to ... Artic Blast

hello to ....2 etsy sales today

hello to... starting a 2.5 week long job subbing in 2nd grade

hello to ..... declining that being a position for the remainder of the year

hello to .... the adoption fund auction starting off beautifully

hello to ... supportive friends

hello to...more creating

hello to ... the inauguration of our President
and prayers that people can just be nice and respectful or be quiet

hello to all of us having a glorious week


  1. Hello Beverly. Here's to a glorious week.

  2. Have a great week and good luck with the auction. I hope your generously donated pieces raise lots of money for your friends xx

  3. Some good things going on there! Have a wonderful week

  4. Love your list of hello's, Beverly. Especially that last one!

    Hope you had a lovely lunch with your sister. Isn't it nice to have those little get-togethers, even if they are only for a meal?

  5. Glad to hear the auction has started well...and that you had the sense not to take on the job for the rest of the year!
    Alison xx

  6. What a great bunch of hello's. I loved the inauguration.
    And congrats on the etsy sales.

  7. Hope the working week goes well.

  8. Hope your week is going well! How old are 2nd graders? I'm spending a lot of time in a Year 2 class at the moment (age 6-7) and although they're younger than most of my experience so far, I'm really enjoying it :)

  9. Hello and sorry only to be getting here at towards the end of the week. Sorry to hear about the Arctic Blast - I take it this is not some delicious type of ice-cream? Good luck on the work front, as it sounds as if you're not wonderfully keen? And understanding your penultimate hello :). Hoping it is indeed glorious for you this week.


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