14 January 2013

hello monday.....

Oh, I really, truly totally love this graphic! I haven't been a fan of the Keep Calm memes so could do without the crown but I can't resist the words. So many mornings these are the first words I spoke to my boys and I am still prone to say it to people that tumble out of bed after me. Although in my most Southernmost being I usually drop the "good." Starting this week, I am hoping to take part weekly in Lisa Leonard's Hello Monday link up. It will get me focused on the week and give you a glimpse into what's up in my part of this glorious world. Hope you enjoy!

hello monday…

hello to my semi-annual dental appointment

hello to returning to the gym after a much too long absence

hello to roasted veggies

hello to being empty nesters again

hello to making cute pins and magnets with my church crafters

hello to cleaning and organizing the studio

hello to a mammogram

hello to some messy art fun

hello to making a decision about upcoming weeks

hello to drawing the name of the recipient of the Artist Unique 
in Pass the Book,
you have until Thursday night to get your name in here

and probably, most definitely goodbye to the 70+ degree temps we’ve been blessed with in recent days.


  1. Goodness. Wish we had 70 degree temps!

    Glad you're enjoying life. Sounds you've got a good thing going. Happy Monday!


  2. I went back to the gym last week. The endorphin hit was what I needed!

  3. Hello back to you Beverly! It sounds like you're taking good care of yourself this week!

  4. What a lovely bright start to the week! Especially combined with that lovely warmth ... Looks like a busy week with lots of self-nurturing things in it :).

  5. Hello Bev! I love the graphic! It make me smile this morning. xx

  6. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead! We've said goodbye to the warm weather & have SNOW on the ground again today.

    My Grandma used to call me her ray of sunshine & I really miss that.

  7. Hello to roasted veggies indeed! Sounds like you have a lot going on this week! Good luck at your mammogram

  8. Good luck with the mammogram..and enjoy being messy!
    Alison xx

  9. I wish we had 70 degrees as well...it's freezing here....literally!!!!

  10. Love that sign. That looks like a full week - with an interesting selection of activities!!! Good luck with it all.


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