10 October 2012

I Was With Harry...as in Potter not Prince

Sorry, I have been MIA for the last week and a half but I did spend a bit of time with Harry. Last Tuesday the Chosen One and I headed to Florida for the ECU-UCF game. On the way down we spent the night right off of 95 near St Mary's GA. The next morning we decided to explore before finishing the remaining 3 hrs of the drive. 

Very cute little town with lots of old (by American standards) churches.

Back in the car we headed farther south to our friends, Mark and Diane in Orlando.

After a few hours out of the car we loaded up and headed over to Universal Studios to experience Harry Potter World.

Thursday night we headed to the game.

We played awesome the first ummmm five minutes then it was a miserable night.

Bright and early Friday morning the 2012 Gathering of the Goddesses began as we got manis and pedis

Actually I didn't get a pedi since I had just had both a week before, that would be why mine don't match.

We had a glorious weekend on Cedar Key which I'll share with you later.

Monday was recuperating and spending quality time with Pearl, Tuesday a visit with the Beast to his surgeon for less than positive news and early this morning sitting in the hospital waiting room as he had another surgery :(

He's home and doing okay, tomorrow will be tougher then hopefully it'll be better each day. A new incision and 2 pins this time but no external fixator..yay! The long road has gotten a bit longer so any prayers lifted for him are always appreciated.

I feel a change a comin'! Keep your eyes open, it may be tomorrow or the next day or the next but it'll be looking different around here very soon.


  1. I'm very sorry to hear that the end of the road isn't in sight just yet.

    We'd love to see harry Potter World - definitely on our list of ambitions (mind you, a trip to see Prince Harry would probably go down pretty well too)

  2. The Harry Potter visit sounds a lot of fun - the surgery, rather less so. Sending many good wishes and prayers that he recovers well xx

  3. Sorry to read about the unexpected surgery :(. Hoping it will all be fixed soon. Glad you had a great time with Harry P. though! Those photos of manis and pedis (took me a few seconds to work this out!) are wonderful.

  4. So sorry to hear that there has been more (unexpected) surgery. Harry Potter World looks like a lot of fun as does the Gathering of the Goddesses :o)

  5. Harry Potter World sounds great....somewhere else to put on my 'visit' list.
    Do hope the surgery is a success.


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