22 September 2012

Rinda's 2012 Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

Rinda, over at Gallo Organico has created a summer photography scavenger hunt for the last two years. To see her last day of summer click here. Looking through the comments you'll find many others who hunts this summer with links to their finds, there are some beautiful ones, some funny ones and some interesting interpretations. Funny that it seems a bride was the hardest for almost all of us to find. I'm just hoping that Rinda is considerate enough to put a Groom on the 2013 hunt!  Thanks, Rinda for a fun and challenging photography exercise. It's amazing the change this has made in my perspective of shadows!


1. A pier

2. A clothesline

3. A border

4. A roadside stand selling something

5. A train

6. A historical landmark

7. A person playing a musical instrument

8. A person dressed as an angel or a statue of an angel

9. A fountain

10. A horse

11. A shadow

12. A maze, labyrinth, or trail.

13. A library

14. A person playing with a ball.

15. Someone dancing.

16. A bride.

17. A church, chapel, cathedral, mosque or temple.

18. A movie poster

19. An outdoor stairway

20. A swing hanging from a tree (or a hammock)

21. A picture of you standing with something that symbolizes your nation.

We're supposed to share with Rinda our favorite shot which is pretty hard. I love the one of the Peace College fountain for both aesthetic and sentimental reasons. I love the one of the Shriner dancing in the Croaker Festival, it just makes me smile. Pushed to a corner my very favorite is probably the last one at our Olympics Opening Ceremonies party. I love these people and I love the way my Small Frye is looking up at me.



  1. Seeing all the roundups over the last couple of days has really emphasized to me how much this hunt has taught me about the world around me. Roll on next year!

  2. Great collection of pics :) I do like the last one - but the dancer is a lot of fun, too!

  3. A great assortment of photos......love your last one.

  4. The last one - definitely!
    Thanks so much for playing along.

  5. My fav was the shadow..can you guess why? Looks like a lot of fun...I'll have to get on it next year... cheryl

    1. hmmm think I can :) Wish I had held my arm down so you couldn't tell a pic was being taken though.

  6. Love your bride photo! I got a pic of the same movie poster.

  7. That last one is definitely my favorite - looks like it was a fun party!

  8. Yay - we have the same movie poster. Love your groovy train but the last is surely the favourite.

    1. We were riding down the highway and I was almost asleep when the Beast yelled "look! can that be your train?!"

  9. Great photos Beverly.....love the last one, but the dancer is fun too!
    Alison xx

  10. I love seeing your perspective in each of these photos, Beverly, but my very favorite is the shot of the angel. Beautiful. I really love your group shot at the end too though...hard to pick a fav!

  11. My fav is the last one...4th of July!

  12. I LOVE that last shot - what a great family grouping, and my 2nd fave is the man dancing in front of his horse. A great collection TFS


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