11 July 2012

TEN on the TENTH

For the July Storytelling Sunday, Sian suggested we write a story about a nostalgic souvenir. For once I was ahead of the game and had my July story sitting in early draft by mid June and knew I didn't have the time or motivation to come up with another. I did think that nostalgia and souvenirs might be good Ten on the Tenth topics. We have also in this Year of Purging and Organizing had more than one or two boxes of such memory provokers to go through. So for my Ten Things on the Tenth Day of July I share with you 15 minutes into the 11th) 10 things in my home that flood my heart and mind with memories anytime I look at them.

My Great Aunt Hattie Mae gave me this troll bank when I was a child.

This is my first Madame Alexander doll. She is Amy from Little Women and was given 
to me for Christmas by my Daddy. He has a wife and 4 daughters and our last name is Little.
 I'll share more about this gift on a  Storytelling Sunday ;)

This hat/toboggan was knitted for me by my Daddy's mama, my Bigmama. 
I have a picture of me wearing it somewhere. I'll share it when I come across it.

A floral arrangement came in this to my parents when I was born.

I decorated this cup and had it on my bedside table in the birthing room 
when I delivered Nicholas. Another story with more to tell :)

My grandparents button jar. I guess we'd automatically say it 
was Grandmama's
 but Granddaddy did all the button sewing on.

My Aunt Joyce gave these to my sisters and me sometime in the 60s. 
One for each of us, I am guardian of the Beatles.

My baby shoes bronzed.

The head of a big fish Christopher caught when he was really 
young with my Daddy. daddy nailed the head to a post to dry 
then made the plaque, shellacked the head, put a brass plate on it
and wrote a poem about their adventure.

Christopher made this steel rose for me while he worked in a custom motorcycle pad shop and presented it to me the day he graduated from NASCAR Technical Institute.

For more blogger's Ten on the Tenth, head over to Shimelle's, there are always so many different takes on this monthly blogging event,


  1. Wow, so many memories here. I can't way to hear more about your little women doll- it is one of my favourite books. I also love that rose, how special!

  2. It's amazing how an item can bring back so many memories. Looking forward to hearing the stories behind these items.

  3. Awesome stuff with so many great memories.

  4. Great memories there Beverly....I love that your family name is Little..and your daddy has his very own 'Little Women'!
    Alison xx

  5. All of us have so many stories, and I encourage everyone to start writing them down. You do not have to be a writer in the professional sense, and if you are like me you begin to realize how much you do not remember. Beverly this blog is a precious way to remember without having to do a whole lot of writing. I love how your photos tell the story with a few lines of explanation. You always inspire me friend.

  6. I love these - they are so sweet. I remember troll dolls.

  7. Oh I remember the troll dolls. I wish now that I'd kept a few but I surely believe they're all gone.
    Loved your share! Soooo many sweet memories for you!

  8. What lovely keepsakes, especially like the Beatles x

  9. Oh my goodness, what a lovely collection of memories! I had one of the original trolls too, now I wonder what happened to that? I look forward to hearing more in your Storytelling Sunday post.

  10. These are fabulous moments - can't wait to hear more about the stories that go with some of them! I need to add this idea to my Ten on the Tenth idea list for another month - thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Super memories. The rose is just gorgeous!

  12. What a lovely collection of memory provokers Beverly. I remember having a troll doll!

  13. Here's another who remembers the trolls, but who never kept hers! A lovely collection which also connects you to the givers and people associated with each item ... How special to have your own little shoes!

  14. This has put a big smile on my face as I finish up my holiday unpacking!So glad I finally got here to see how my thought gave you a thought too. "Guardian of the Beatles" - love that!


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