27 July 2012

Frying on Friday

 I just had a twin banana Popsicle and it was perfect! I'm not frying chicken or shrimp today, it is frying outside! I just finished cutting the grass..just the back...temp is 90 but heat index is already at 100. Yesterday the index hit 106...smart me, headed an hour east to enjoy the 109 there.  The air is not moving, the birds are barely, if at all, singing, it's hotter than blue blazes (do people everywhere say that?)   BUT  I could hear the cicadas, the sky is brilliant and cloudless, the grass is green, the a/c works and I get to spend the evening with some glorious people!!! Tonight we'll be festive and patriotic and proud and in awe of the athletes of the world as they march into the stadium in London. We are having some friends over for an Opening Ceremonies party. Everyone is wearing red, white and/or blue, it will be a fab picture .  (I notice since I am hanging out with so many Brits I say things like fab ;>  ) We are having international foods and watching on the big screen ...hopefully outdoors. You know you'll be seeing pics. My life is blessed! Tell me something great about your upcoming weekend! Oh and if you haven't made a guess on the last post, you have until tonight.


  1. Your party sounds great...we'll be watching the ceremony on TV as well.

  2. Sounds lovely. Some friends are coming by tomorrow to hang out with my husband, and on Sunday I'm going to go cropping (or at least hang out with my cropping pals. . . not sure how much I'll actually get done).

  3. I feel really honoured that you are all 'coming' to London like this! and hope you really enjoy it and we don't disappoint you. :)

  4. What did you think of the opening ceremony Beverly? I thought it was amazing and enjoyed very minute of it. I'm wondering how it would have come across to others around the world. Hope you're having a great Olympic experience :o)

  5. It's definitely frying here, too! But it is beautiful looking out the window of my craft room at the blue sky & hearing the AC hum along as it fills my room with cool air!

    I cropped with friends last night & we had the opening ceremonies playing while we scrapped.

    BTW - I finally posted my "What were you doing . . . " post inspired by your post back in June. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. We had friends over and watched the ceremony too. Great fun!


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