07 April 2012

Sharing on Saturdays

A very cool way for guests to sign the "guestbook"

No, I do not have a wedding in my near future. I have my Chosen One and intend on celebrating our love the rest of our lives. Neither of my boys have a wedding date on the horizon. The Beast does have THE girl though which makes my heart sing. And yes, I realize that I will never, ever get to be the Mother of the Bride and that is fine, I can still collect amazingly cool ideas in case anyone ever asks for ideas lol

Okay so seriously I am sharing wedding ideas I have seen online today because one of our nephews is getting married this afternoon. I am so happy for him, he has really found the right young woman for him. He is a medic in the National Guard and leaves on his second deployment next month. I pray they make sweet memories over the coming months that will lighten their hearts as they are apart.

Monogram Goods, $49 for fifty.

family photos in the wedding

probably my favorite because I hate sinking in the ground
stepping stones for bridesmaids to stand on during outdoor weddings so their heels don't sink into the ground, so smart!

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Sea Glass Candy: I think this would be a great idea for much more than just weddings. Summer beach parties, or even mid-winter "Dreaming of the Tropics" parties. Heh. kellynne73

I hope you have a glorious weekend and that you know the joy that I do on Easter morning.



  1. Pirate Girl4/7/12, 12:52 AM

    Nothing wrong with wedding ideas! I know my sister could use some. She's expecting AND planning a wedding, very stressful. I know for sure that she'll use that flip-flop idea!! She was toying with the idea of getting a dress long enough that she wouldn't even need to buy heels and just wear flip-flops that say "Bride" on the bottom, because no one would know the difference, haha :)

    -Kelsey (AKA Pirate Girl)

  2. Dancing shoes! How cute is that? Everyone loves an excuse for a bit of wedding dreaming - a lovely post!

  3. Enjoy the Wedding!
    Alison xx

  4. Love those stones - what a cool idea and thank-you for bringing it to us. :) Wishing you every joy and blessing this Eastertide too.


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