03 April 2012

Pinterest Inspired Tuesdays = Pinspiration


a weekly challenge to actually create something inspired by Pinterest
limoncello tiramisu

The Chosen One, who loves sweets, said it was so sweet you better have a glass of milk to cut it. I, who am not that crazy about sweets didn't find it overly sweet.  I was liberal with the limoncello on his and evidently it all absorbed to one area so at first he didn't notice then it was "POW!"  I think 1 -1.5 capfuls is a good amount. This morning he said he didn't know that the limoncello was really necessary, the lemon curd makes it and I agree.

Bunny Cookie Bark

I've made bark candy many times so really this pin just inspire me to buy the ingredients and make it before Easter got here. The original blogger uses golden oreos in hers, I do not use any cookies. I go for the salt and sweet combination of the "white chocolate", M&Ms, pretzels and honey roasted peanuts. Bagging this up for giveaways today so I stay out of it!  The Chosen One's co-workers will once again  praise this unknown glorious woman lol

I know 80% of you have pinned something this week, tell me about your inspiring pins in your comments. If I choose one of yours to be inspired by this month I'll send you a goodie bag of springtime sweetness.
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  1. The tiramasu looks and sounds wonderful.

  2. I discovered bark recipes at CHristmas - the idea of an Easter version has me very excited. I'm going to be inspired by your pin instead of one of my one!

  3. I make bark with graham crackers. These look really good!

  4. Never heard of bark candy! Looking tooth-achingly sweet and yummy. ;)


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