04 April 2012

It's nice to know people are out there ~ GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT

My sweet, young friend, Abi recently tried to explain blogging and reading blogs to her dad. He got the concept but was a bit befuddled that people read but don't comment. The conversation got Abi to thinking. She knows some of the reasons we don't comment but also knows how much comments mean to the blogger. Seriously, it helps to know people are actually reading your stuff. So, Abi has marked tomorrow, April 5th as Operation Speak Out Day. You are encouraged to leave a comment on every blog that you read on the 5th!

I have had people say they don't know what to say.....if you can't be specific about the post you can always share that you simply enjoy reading the posts, really liked the photo, share a connection you make, ask what something is...I have found in reading blogs from around the world sometimes I have to ask what a word means. It's amazing the different words Aussies and Brits use!

Some people say they don't know how to comment. Under every post on every blog are the words Post a Comment (not subscribe to comments, that means you'll be emailed every comment made!) or a number of comments (6comments) Click on this and it will take you to a comment form (these vary from blog to blog). If you have a google account (ex. gmail) just sign in with that.  If you don't but have a blog or website you can use Name/URL (that allows me and others to just click on your name and go to your blog). If you don't have any of these you can comment as anonymous. I have a friend, Joyce that comments as anonymous but always identifies herself at the end of the comment...perfect!

Some blogs require word verification to avoid spammers. Excuse me but word verification is a PITA and discourages commenting especially the new setup . If you don't do it your comment will not be accepted. Note to bloggers ... Blogger is doing an awesome job these days of holding back spam and questionable comments. The only problem I have had is that it puts some valid comments in my awaiting moderation folder so I have had to get in the habit of checking it.

So tomorrow, Thursday, April 5th is Operation Speak Out, come back by BEglorious and leave a comment. PLEASE leave your name if you are anonymous. If you want me to be able to respond to you and your email is not connected to your account a very safe way to leave it in the comments is like this  neusebrats{at}aol{dot}com. I will be having a giveaway so if you are the winner and I can't contact you, you will have until Sunday night to contact me. Monday morning I will choose a new name.

Now get ready to do some commenting and hopefully you won't bump into too many of these requests...

Please prove you're not a robot
reCAPTCHA challenge image


  1. I'll be back! One of the reasons I tend to end my posts with a question is so that people know what to say. . .


  2. Great idea! I'll do my best to comment tomorrow!

  3. I am commenting away - love PITA. Took me a while to work out but it is still quite early over here :0)
    Off out for the day so will be back later x

  4. What an awesome idea! Like Maria, I pose questions at the end of my posts so people can respond.

    As it's almost the end of the 5th here (well, it's after tea time and I'm getting ready to switch off for the night), I'm going to keep this going tomorrow my time.

  5. I had never come across PITA before but how hilarious, I shall be using it from now on!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you my dear friend! This is such a perfect explanation and I love PITA. I too hadn't heard of it before but it totally sums up the word verification thing. xx

  7. Oh those robot things! I don't how many comments I have tried to leave only to be thwarted by them. Half the time they appear in a scroll window that doesn't actually scroll, so even if I could read the work I can't see the place to type.

  8. Love PITA too!..and you are right about it!!
    Alison xx


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