06 December 2011

Sunrise, Sunset

Since ya'll have enjoyed the sunrise and midday photos we got over the Thanksgiving weekend at the river I thought I'd give you the full look.

photo credit The Chosen One

photo credit BEglorious


photo credit BEglorious
model Baby Sister

No photo editing on any of them, the whole weekend had glorious sunrises and sunsets, it's a beautiful time of the year.  The Chosen One and I tend to take a lot of sunrise pictures. We'd probably take more sunset but living where we do it's not as easy. We also take a lot of birds in the backyard and flowers (him more than me).  Is there something in nature you find yourself repeatedly taking pictures of, what is it?


  1. These are all such beautiful photos, Beverly! I know what you mean about photographing nature. I tend to take pictures of clouds. I have MORE cloud photos than I'll ever need, but give me a pretty cloudy sky and I'm right back out there, taking more pictures.

    We are used to seeing sunsets when we go to the west coast - California is where we go to see the ocean. It was cool being in Florida for our honeymoon and seeing the sun rise over the ocean in the morning, rather than setting at night.

  2. These are just stunning,Beverly....we rarely get sunrises or sunsets like that.

  3. Glorious indeed!
    Alison xx

  4. Wow and wow again. That is a view never to get bored with. Flowers and leaves and close ups tends to be my nature shots x

  5. Wow, beautiful photos! Robbie likes to take sky photos, so I'm sure we'll come home from our cruise (coming soon!) with lots of those since we bought ourselves a DSLR camera for Christmas.

  6. Awesome shots! Thankyou for your kind comments on Monday's post xx


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