06 September 2011

Tuesday To Do List

I definitely need to get some things done this week and since I am working Thursday and Friday and ECU's first home football game is Saturday...yea, today and tomorrow...get 'er done time!

* email TownDock posting for Lost & Found for Stephen's kayak (although I tried numerous times over the wkend with no success @@)

* find out what I am suppose to bring for tailgating and decide what I want to take to Baby Boy

* write my Hurricane Irene post

* check freezer and menu plan

* remember to attend 31 party Thurs. night

* catch up on LSNED, it's all in my head right now

* finish reorganizing studio

* MAIL lots of stuff to lots of people

* gesso some canvases

* pull together scavenger hunt pics (the few I got) and do a post with them

* exercise and log it

* do the belated birthday post for Baby Boy, rechristen him

*check class forums  (LSNED and ESMMWL)


  1. A pretty long list there,Beverly.

  2. You are going to be rather busy, Beverley!
    Alison xx

  3. Is there any time for eating and sleeping in there? Admiring your energy!

  4. I hope you managed to get most of that done!! That's quite a list for one day, you are motivated :)

    *and thank you so much for the sweet comment on my post*

  5. Wow that is a very long list! I like making these kinds of lists because it can really make you focus and more likely to succeed :)

  6. Now that's a list! Good luck getting things checked off.

  7. Oh my, is that all you need to do, just that little ol' list of hundreds of things in a few days? LOL


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