15 April 2011

Blog Hop Coming Sunday

This Sunday I'll have 2 posts. At midnight my Sunday Song of Praise will go live as usual but then there will be a bonus post. At 9am EDST the Alphanumeric Blog Hop will go live and I will be sharing my assigned letter in a creative manner. Plan on stopping by, it's almost Easter and you need a good hop. This one will take you through the alphabet and into numbers but don't expect an easy rhyme or reason to the order you hop around. See how a group of creative people do their assignments. Plus there are prizes involved. I am officially stop number 2 and the great Mel, the genius behind this hop is stop 1 but no worries I'll have a link for you to jump back to her.

I'll be kicking off my blog hop in a few weeks. The Lighten Up Blog Hop will go live the 30th of each month with as many as 12 women sharing light and healthy recipes based on the monthly theme. This month will be main dishes/entrees and I am already getting to see yummy ideas that will be shared by six of us. May 30th is Memorial Day in the US so we'll be focusing on picnic recipes in the May hop just in time for summer!


  1. Looks fun! Will be popping in ...

  2. Will be checking it out on Sunday! Thanks for the comment on my blog yesterday/today?
    Alison xx

  3. Can't wait to see your post on Sunday! And I'm looking forward to your own hop, too, it sounds a lot of fun :-)

    Having caught up on your other recent posts, I'm wondering if we might see some of those gorgeous birds in LA in the summer? We picked up a book on the wildlife of USA, I'll have to check :-)

  4. I've come via Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers, hi there! I'll definitely pop over and check them out.

  5. Hoping to stop by and have a looksie later. Love the shots of the birds in your previous post.


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