02 February 2011

Phil is not such a good bet, what does Wally say?

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this morning therefore declaring that we will have an early spring. Buttt this is important to me...I do not like winter at all, it is not good for my mental health, my soul shines stronger and brighter in warm weather.  I am a child of the South, I love heat and humidity, it is why my blood runs thin! Sooooo it is important that I pin my hopes on the groundhog with the best track record!  Well, ole Phil evidently is only right 39% of the time....not too reassuring.  But no worries, right in here in Raleigh, North Carolina we have Sir Walter Wally! AND Sir Walter is accurate with 67% of his predictions. Wally likes to sleep in so I have to wait until noon to find out what he says.  Here's hoping this is one of those years when Phil is right.  I'm getting a little nervous, it started out very overcast but the sun is starting to shine through. I'll be back this afternoon to let you know the pronouncement of Sir Walter Wally.
I'm back and Sir Walter Wally has made his appearance.......... 
six more weeks of winter!  Boo!!!! Hiss!!!!!! I have decided I like Phil's chances of being right in 2011, this is his year to shine, GO PHIL GO!!!!!! Granted when you think it about Phil is predicting Pennsylvania and Wally, North Carolina but GO PHIL GO!!!!
Wally did indeed see his shadow as reported by WRAL.
Meanwhile, Sir Walter Wally came out shortly after noon outside the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh and saw his shadow, which means more winter weather in the coming weeks.Wally has been accurate about 65 to 70 percent of the time, according to his handler
     Along the same train of thought a friend that lives about an hour and a half south of here posted about the mild temps we'd be seeing (today is by the way a GLORIOUS 71F!!!) for the next week - high 50s to low 60s. She said her phone app has never failed her. I am so so so hoping her app is right and that weather.com and our local station are wrong, wrong, wrong. They have us in the 40s and 50s, lows down to 31 and freezing rain possible Friday morning early. I know that sounds like heaven to many of you experiencing frigid cold and snow but really? can winter just go ahead and be over.  By the way I am not one of those people that complains about the cold then when we hit 90s and 100s with high humidity in July complains about the heat.  I adore the heat and humidity!  Wherever you are, whatever your weather I hope you are safe and dry and warm. Prayers are with those dealing with the snowstorm in the US and those in Australia with the cyclone...very scary


  1. Phillip loved the name Sir Walter Wally and kept saying it all morning long while I was still ranting and raving over your meatloaf! I hope SWW doesn't let us down at noon!

  2. I'm with Phil! I'm done with winter now, brrr....


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