07 February 2011

Flip Flop Socks!

Saturday there was a lovely surprise gift waiting for me on my side porch!

Isn't the tag adorable?! But what are Flip Flop Socks???!!!! My talented friend, MJ made these for me as part of the crafty Pay It Forward Project. How lucky am I? :)

Love the colors and pattern she chose but thinking they are going to make me look like something from Sunrise Theater (lobster clawish) Okay, I put them on, they are realllly soft, they fit perfect (which is no small feat when you have oversized ankles!) and they are going to be perfect for wearing to and from the pool with my flip flops!!! That MJ is a genius friend, my toes have been freezing this winter but I hate wearing shoes to the pool, no longer a problem!!!!! But wait! I have another problem, Pearl seems to be more enamoured of the flip flop socks than I am. She spent a long period of time rubbing all over my feet!  Usually I would think she was just marking them but this was excessive. It can't be that she smelled MJ's pooch, Spike because Pearl hates Spike so she would have been attacking my feet rather than caressing them!
So thanks MJ, the Flip Flop Socks are a huge hit with both me and Pearl friend ;)


  1. Those are so cute! And you're right, they would be perfect for my Jodi!

  2. Such cute socks, and I LOVE the photos of your sweet Pearl enjoying the socks with you. :o)

  3. How clever are those! hat a lovely gift and an even lovelier giver ...

  4. What an interesting idea! Never come across these before, they look great :-) What a lovely PIF!


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