11 January 2011

The Eleven Project

image from stylehive.com

     I am calling my big project for this year The Eleven Project. My intention is to take 11 photos a month for the project, as many as possible on the 11th of the month but that is not an obligation. Each month I want to be sure and take a picture of the following: the Chosen One (my amazing husband), the Grown One (my oldest son), Baby Boy (although 18, my baby), Pearl (my companion and cat), me (said blogger), some sort of food, the outside of our home, dinner guests, something I have created and 2 miscellaneous things/events.  I know quite a few people that do year long projects and always complete them by the end of the year. Some even do the 365 Project..you take a photo a day every day. Alas I am not so good at follow through on those types of things. The nice thing about getting older is I accept these things about myself and don't pretend that I will do it lol. The Eleven Project is doable for me. I'll share at the end of each month my Eleven for that month so you can see that I am sticking to it...you are even encouraged if it crosses your mind when I don't share them to say...."ummm, Beverly, where are the photos for The Eleven Project?" I'm excited about the photo book I will be able to create at the end of the year!
     What are you committing to this year? Maybe you're not a crafter but I know you have some type of project in mind. Share what yours are by leaving a comment. I will draw one name on the 15th to receive a 2011 journal.


  1. This sounds cool! Can't wait to keep you with your project during the year!

  2. What a great photo project - do-able sounds good! I am writing about my own on Friday ... Love the way you've got a structure for it already.

  3. I love your 11 idea, Beverly! I'm doing 365 this year and so far it's going well, but I can see that there may be days I'll miss and I'm ok with that. I LOVE the bracelet in your photo on this post!!! xo

  4. Missed this post earlier! What a gorgeous bracelet :-)

    Your project sounds so interesting, I love that list of shots to include. As you know, I do Project 365, but you've inspired me to think about my own list of shots to try to include each month - thank you! x


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