18 December 2010

My Favorite Christmas Songs/Artists - O Holy Night sung by Jackie Evancho

Her voice stunned me on America's Got Talent, what a gift she shares with us.


  1. Yep, another firm favourite of mine! We're singing it in tomorrow's carol service, I so love to sing it - when we get to the chorus and sing out 'Fall on your knees...' and 'Christ is the Lord....' in harmony and fortissimo, it feels so special!

  2. Ever since I left my other comment I've been clicking onto YouTube clips of this little girl, she's AMAZING! What a voice! Can't believe she didn't win the show! Thanks so much for sharing this one xx

  3. This young lady amazed us on America's Got Talent. Thanks for posting this version of this hymn, it's simply beautiful! xo


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