04 October 2010

Things on the Calendar - October 2010

Things on the Calendar - October 2010
Inspired by my friend, Courtney, I am going to start a monthly blog feature titled "Things on the Calendar". I'll share things that are coming up that I am looking forward to, deadlines, and such. Maybe this will remind me to have a grateful heart and also hold me accountable to deadlines. So without further ado here we go.....

looking forward to -
* the leaves changing colors
* midweek camping at Stone Mountain
* sitting by the firepit on the patio drinking hot drinks and having good conversations
* hearing about the guys' annual fall fishing trip
* Christopher's first skydiving experience
* participating in the "Let's Eat" blog hop with  Amy
* ECU Pirate football - 2 home games and tailgating
* fall cleaning, purging, organizing
* learning more about digital scrapbooking from Elizabeth
* dinners with family and friends
deadlines -
* mail packages 10-04
* fill stationery order and mail 10-07
* have new pot painted and ready for delivery 10-07
* determine whether continuing with online shopping cart or changing to etsy 10-09
* new product line brochure printed and ready for mailing 10-27

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!! A fire pit with hot drinks...sign me up! Can't wait to hear what you find out about Etsy.


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