11 May 2010

The Sound of Nature

I love hearing the birds sing! I'm getting to enjoy that alot these days. The backyard seems to be a stage for a continuous concert of bird songs. For the last few years we have had birds nest in our (very cool gift from PJ) birdhouse. Poor mom and dad seem to spend every waking moment hunting and feeding their babies. We have a few cardinals and robins that are here on a daily basis as well. Every year we become home to at least one baby bunny and it makes laps around the yard munching on grass for 3 meals a day.  As I'm typing I can look out onto the patio and see the crackles have made their daily stop as well....I am not fond of them but at least they are not ginormous like crows!


  1. Great photos and that is one cool birdhouse!!! Hope you are doing well, friend!

  2. Love the great photos, Beverly!


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