08 March 2010

Monday Menu Planning

It's been interesting this week the attention my menu has garnered. When I put it on the dry erase board near the pantry no one seemed to pay attention to it. Evidently putting it out in a more public place leads to a higher expectation that what I put on the blog will be sitting on the table. I think I will start running a disclaimer at the end such as *quite possibly what you will be eating but no guarantees!  Later today I am going to figure out next week's menu, my surgery is on Monday. I have precooked main dishes so all the guys have to do is heat it and add the sides but if I don't set a plan I'm not confident my preparation will be taken advantage of.  It is going to be a glorious week, hints of spring, lo to mid 60s, I am so thankful to God for this, it's exactly what my soul needs. So I will be taking adavantage of it and using the grill alot...oh yea, I need to have Baby Boy get the propane tank refilled this afternoon, seems I forgot to turn it off a few weeks ago and used up all the gas @@

Week of March 8th
MONDAY: Grilled Halibut, Grilled Pineapple, Sauteed Spinach, Baked Potato
TUESDAY Teen Night: Burgers on the Grill, Cowboy Beans (didn't do them last week), Chips, Brownies
WEDNESDAY: Christopher's Birthday Dinner! His choice in or out :)
THURSDAY: Catfish Nuggets, Fries, Slaw

FRIDAY: Pam's BBQ Sandwiches, Slaw, Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookies
SATURDAY: Thai Peanut Pork Salad, Sushi
SUNDAY: Christopher's Birthday lunch at my parents..really good eatin'

*quite possibly what you will be eating but no guarantees!

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  1. glad I put the disclaimer...they are expecting halibut but I didn't get it out of the freezer so we are having portobellos which they love too


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